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Frequetly Asked Questions

  • When should I be placing my order with Cayla's Bridal Boutique?
    Ideally, we suggest that you order your dress around 7-4 months in advance of your wedding date, this allows a ‘comfortable’ time frame in which your dress will be made to order (6-15 weeks - remember your dress is being made from scratch specially for you) and for alterations (starting 4-2 weeks before your wedding date) to be carried out after your dress has arrived to ensure that it is a perfect fit for your wedding day. Of course, you can order before this time if you are ready to say yes to ‘the one’. A 70% deposit is required to secure your order with the designer and the balance will be due on completion of your dress.
  • Can I rent a wedding dress at Cayla's Bridal Boutique?
    Yes, of course! If you don't want to purchase a wedding dress, you are welcome to rent one at a lower price. Please note that Cayla’s Bridal Boutique is a newly established bridal boutique and does not carry in-house stock of rental dresses at this time. All rental dresses are ordered brand new and are made from scratch.
  • What to do when I am ready to say " Yes to the Dress"?
    If you have found your dream dress, please reach out to us by sending us a message via your preferred platform. We will then respond by asking a few relevant questions regarding the details of the dress, send you a quotation and finally upon accepting the quotation, you will sign a Sale or Rental Agreement. After this, we will continue by taking your measurements to place your order with our designers.
  • Can I make an appointment to fit wedding dresses?
    Yes, of course! You can make an appointment for a fitting by clicking here.
  • How do I know what size to order?
    If you cannot get measured by us in-store - Cayla’s Bridal Boutique strongly encourages you to seek professional measurements by a seamstress or consultant at a local bridal boutique. If you absolutely can’t get professionally measured, please visit the reference guide for tips on how to measure yourself. Once you have your measurements, view the size chart to determine the appropriate sizing for your order. Dresses can be ordered by manufacturer's sizing or with your personal measurements at an additional cost. Best practice suggests that you use the largest measurement to determine your size. For example, if your hip falls in a size 10 but your bust falls in a size 8, select a 10. Dresses can easily be sized down in alterations.

Measurement Guide

Please use the videos below as a guide on how to take your personal measurements for your wedding dress. We recommend that you ask a friend to assist you in this process. Cayla's Bridal Boutique does not take credit for the making of these videos.

Measurement Guide Intro
Medium Bust
Waist control line + waist
Bust Span
Shoulder Length
Back Span
Shoulder Span
Measurement Guide
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